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Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) Course

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1 Day Course, Face to Face Delivery

Only $320 Per Person

The RMLV Course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues course) is a requirement of the most current and new Liquor Licensees as well as mandatory for all ‘Approved Managers’. This is a not a nationally accredited course but is a Queensland Liquor Licensing requirement, OLGR approved course.

Each licensed premises must have to have a nominee or approved manager on-site during most times of operation and for later hours of trade.

As your RMLV is valid for 3 years, our courses cater for you to either obtain or renew your certification.

Our trainer has a wide range of industry experience in licensed outlets to assist in relating this course to individuals’ places of employment and has been training in this area for the last 5 years.

RMLV courses will be run over the popular one-day format, ideal for busy hospitality managers. In addition, we can continue to supply ongoing support.


  • Photo ID (e.g. Australian Drivers license, Passport, Keypass card) on the day of payment.
  • Certificate issued in one week from course completion and competency test
  • A printed copy of the OLGR Course Participants Manual (a limited number of manuals will be available on the day if you are unable to print your own)

Course content

1. Introduction to Queensland licensing (structure of OLGR )
2. Introduction to OLGR website
3. Breaches and offences under the Queensland Liquor Act
4. Types of Queensland liquor licenses
5. Training of Manager and staff
6. Liquor accords / forums
7. Obligations for RMLV managers and staff
8. Reporting of Incidents and management of files
9. Safe function and R.A.M.P documents

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