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COVID-19 Latest Updates


  • Brisbane campus welcomes Chef Alex Aniscenko as our Senior Trainer

    About me: Growing up my fondest memories were of enjoying the beautiful aromas of freshly baked desserts and dishes in the kitchen. I started early in the kitchen and I remember trying to always impress my parents with a dish that …

  • Next Top Chef Cook-off Competition Second Round

    Our students were so excited about being a part of this competition and they did their best to win. Sandesh won the 1st prize in the second round! Congratulations!  

  • Social distancing kept in the kitchen!

    We are really proud of all our cookery and patisserie students that have returned for face to face classes in the kitchen. Day 1 we had 80% attendance and day 2, 100%! We split the classes into two, delivering an …

  • Healthy Low Cost Student Meals

    We have employed our cookery students to prepare healthy low cost meals for you.  For $5 you will receive 3 take home meals! All international students welcome😊 For more details and the order form: